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Kochi International Preschool

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In order to create an environment for children, we spend the whole day learning everything in English. If children are exposed to English from an early age, they will be able to learn it quickly because they will hear it naturally. You will learn the correct language and pronunciation by interacting with native instructors who have learned in the real world. The biggest attraction of our school is that you can deepen your learning while moving your body and relaxing.

Our curriculum focuses on six key areas of development, aiming to help each child learn and develop towards their early learning goals;

  1. Personal, social and emotional development: to make children feel comfortable in school, make friends and feel that they are part of a group. 

  2. Cognitive development: by letting children try out their own ideas and experience success, by solving problems and asking questions.

  3. Language and literacy development: involves listening, speaking, reading and writing from the alphabet to help them learn proper letter formation and writing techniques.

  4. Physical development: to help students develop their hand-eye skills, physical development and fine motor skills. (including obstacle courses, relay races, dancing, jumping and fun games).

  5. Learning about the world: in understanding things around the world and how they work, develop their learning about how to make choices, and use, the right tool for a task.

  6. Creative development: responding to their key senses, exploring colour, materials, texture, shape, puzzles, blocks, and using their imagination in art, craft work, dance, music and role-play. 

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