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Kochi Preschool is an international preschool. We offer an environment that is regulated by the city, providing a safe and secure environment for children to grow and develop. Our experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a well-rounded experience, with a focus on developing social, emotional and intellectual skills. With our unique blend of traditional and modern teaching styles, we strive to create an environment that inspires and encourages students to reach their fullest potential.

Join us at Kochi International Preschool


Summer School 2024

Kochi International Preschool

Principal's Greetings


Thank you for visiting our website.


More than 15 years have passed since our kindergarten opened as an international preschool where children spend all day in English.

Native and Japanese teachers work together to monitor the growth of the children.


At Kochi International Preschool, children play, eat lunch, and read books together with native and Japanese teachers.

You can come into contact with English naturally by having fun in your daily life, playing outside, and studying.

I want people to learn the word English without building walls.

Of course, our school's greatest strength is our children's English proficiency. For this reason, we also have time for worksheets, etc., which are not taught in regular kindergartens.

However, the first thing I would like to tell you is that Kochi International Preschool is not just a school for early English education.

English will become an indispensable language for children living in the age of globalization.

I believe that being able to understand English will greatly expand children's future possibilities.


However, the most important thing for young children is to be active in the Kochi sunshine and sweat a lot.

I think it's about learning the rules of society and how to interact with friends.

I don't want to force kids at that age to just sit at a desk and just study English.

At our school, we have time for worksheets to improve our English skills, but we also have time for active play outside.

In order to help your child grow up straight and develop their social skills, we also help them acquire English skills that will definitely benefit them in the future.

Native teachers and Japanese teachers work together as one to watch over the children.




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