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Course Introduction

We provide "fine-grained" English education tailored to each child's age, as a preschool that takes care of children in their early childhood years, who form the foundation for character development.

2-3 Year Olds - Toddler

Develop creativity, thinking skills, emotional and social skills, language skills, and motor skills in a well-balanced manner through play activities that are appropriate for children's developmental stages, such as music and movement, crafts, and stories, as well as outdoor play in our garden. , develop curiosity and interest in English through playing with foreign instructors.
For many children, this will be their first time being away from their parents, but both our foreign instructors and Japanese staff will be able to understand your concerns and warmly support you as your child adjusts to the school environment. Please leave it with confidence.

Image by Gautam Arora
Kids Painting Class
Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Through fun play and learning with foreign instructors, you will develop the ability to think for yourself and learn on your own, and acquire practical English skills and an international way of thinking. Playing outside is a daily routine (on sunny days), and you will learn practical English while using your body in nature and playing with foreign instructors. There are many parks nearby, and if you go a little further you can find a children's nature park with vast grounds.
Through a variety of activities such as music and movement, crafts, stories, phonics, worksheets, cooking, and group games, you will have fun learning English naturally. We also value learning through teachers and friends, such as interactions with friends, social rules, and manners, which are necessary for children in early childhood.

After School

This is a class that students attend after finishing kindergarten or elementary school.
We will be working on activities such as music and movement, science and math, and phonics (pronunciation).

Drawing Class





School Life 




Saturday School




Summer School





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